Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ashley Pumpernickel

This is Ashley Pumpernickel, our new askal. right now she lives next door, but she will be moving in on June 29.  Meanwhile, Ashley has been visiting us so she can get acquainted with our home, and with our big dogs. Ashley is a bit of an introvert. She likes to burrow under blankets, between pots, under the bed, under chairs.  Very unlike winnie who was rambunctious from the beginning. Ashley is also pleasantly fat.
This is ashley, exploring the digs. Yes dear, I know it is all so new to you. But we can't wait to keep ya!!!!


Blue said...

I'm glad sweet, if plump Ashley is finding a happy home with you.
Pats & pets to her


Jonna said...

What a cute, cute puppy. I have 4 dogs so I know how much they will enhance your life!

Lana Baker said...

Such a sweet little face!Can't help bu fall in love!