Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No, he doesn't

He doesn't like being called one of the 2 most beautiful boys in the world. But he will have to blame it on John Lennon. Because John thought he was writing the song "Beautiful Boy" for Sean, but in a futuristic moment he foresaw this boy and his brother, and that's the REAL story behind the song.


Evenstar said...

He smiled when I showed him this post - but after a while, he told me to ask you to take it out - ignore him.

I'm crazy in love with my boys.

Semavi Lady said...

Another vote for Ignore him. Leave that wonderful portrait right there!

euthymic said...

thanks semavi lady! my sis and i are crazy in love with her 2 boys, your appreciation is very much appreciated by how you appreciate how we appreciate him as well. do you think john lennon would have hired me as a lyricist?