Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Inside Mom's House

I took photos of stuff mom loves most in her house. since she is bedridden, she can't see it much. i started with her altar, although it's in her room when her back is turned she can't look at it, and besides, she might wanna see it close up.
Next, mom's wall with her wooden rosary. where does one buy such a large rosary? and some spiritual pictures.
In mom's office she kept pictures of all of us. who's the hottest gal on the wall? that would be me (if my husband were doing the choosing).
mom's grotto. Terrie and her hubby flew in from Kansas to fix mom's grotto. Terrie painted the cave blue and put clouds and birds inside. David got a new statue. They had to pull out some plants around it, and installed new ones.
Jessamie, the daughter of mom's trusted and loved maid, Winnie.Girl with a good heart!

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