Sunday, May 11, 2008

In my own small way

I think it was this one that i helped to save. actually, the real saver of the tree is my neighbor, Tere. For the 14 years we have been neighbors, she has been saving trees and planting trees. When our village planned to cut a lot of germelina trees she wrote a letter of protest and asked me to edit it. that's when i wondered what germelina trees are. On her birthday she made her husband and daughters plant a tree for her. She mourned the death of another neighbor's mango tree. When one of her trees threatened to choke the water pipe under the ground, she made the worker reorder the roots so that the water pipe and the tree would be spared. When one of our trees grew so tall it hit the electric wires, my husband cut off the tree's head. She had her gardener give her tree a haircut so it could keep it's height but avoid the wires. Both our trees grew, and both our trees are again hitting the wires.
But all these years of getting to know my neighbor better through trees, I came to feel a little pride in the small role I played in her crusade. so I think this is the one. I think this is the latest tree she fought for and asked me to edit the letter she wrote about. So if it is, it is truly an elegant tree. But then, aren't they all?

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