Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Good That People Do

Tere Virina finds beauty in unexpected places. Like in Cookie, The askal that she adopted not long ago. One day while driving by the village, she noticed that Cookie hid under an old car not far from the guardhouse.

That night, she went to the old car with a plate of food for cookie. She was able to lure the dog away from the car with the food. Then she realized she was pregnant.

The following night, she bought a collar for Cookie and tried to take the dog home. She was worried because strays are not allowed in our village, and the security captures them. Cookie ate her food, but only went a few steps with Tere but would not budge.

But Tere refused to give up. She kept feeding the dog, and trying to take her home. On days when she worked late, she instructed her 2 daughters, Sara and Claudia to feed the dog for her. Sometimes my daughter Kat went with them.

After a few failed attempts to bring Cookie home, Sara called the village security and asked them to do it.

So Cookie has a home, where she has given birth.

No, those are not worms, they are newly-borne puppies.

Isn’t Cookie beautiful?

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Blue said...

What a lovely story.
I'm so pleased Cookie has a new home.