Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Three Things I'm Proud Of

Don't remember where the jar came from, but I do love jars. When my daughter graduated from high school, a young man gave her a dozen white roses. They were beautiful and stayed on our dining table until the roses withered. But i kept the baby's breath, which look beautiful even long after they die.

When my sister and her husband visited from Kansas, they also brought with them a jar of peaches. I loved the shape of the jar. The pinecones came from my niece's pine tree in her front yard in Virginia. Kat was determined to get each and every pinecone from her tree. We put them in a box, wrapped them up and brought them back with us. When we opened them in the Philippines, they smelled wonderfully. My house is filled with pinecones.

When we bought our house, we also bought a lot of nice looking cannisters for coffee, etc. But they were not ant-resistant. One day we accumulated these mayonaise jars. Kat got the letters from a scrapbook set, and painted the lids herself. Cost less than P100, perfectly ant-free, and they match.

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