Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Beautiful, Beautiful Mom

Mom's lovely nighttime nurse.

Mom's oxygen tanks.

Mom's ventilator.

She has a smile that can light an avenue :)

She opens one eye to see what I'm doing!!!!

Isn't she lovely? She smiles even when she sleeps!


Karpet said...


Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos if Grandma:)

You look adorable in your photos with the dogs and the lampost. Ever been to Narnia?

Love, Kara (karpet)

Evenstar said...


euthymic said...

hi evenstar, thaks for the visit. i looked you up and found one in Africa, one in America who took a beautiful picture of a tree with amazingly large roots. powerful shot. would the latter bey you?

Blue said...

What a wonderful lady your mother looks.

Take care both of you

JaniceNW said...

She looks joyful even in sleep. What a lovely mother. :)